Corporate Social Responsibility

Vichitbhan Palmoil is committed to operating its business in a lawful manner, complying with required regulations corresponding to the business operations with transparency, fairness and integrity where important information can be inspected at all times. The company has also focused on benefits and impacts on shareholders, clients, partners, employees and everyone involved in the business.

Meanwhile, the company always recognizes the importance of good corporate governance to be used as a guideline in running the business. The company has specified various policies on good corporate governance consistent with the principle of good corporate governance for listed companies enforced in 2012.

The company is pleased to support free trade while avoiding all undesirable actions that may cause a conflict of interest or the violation of intellectual property as well as promoting anti-corruption activity of all types. At the same time, the company will also encourage a sense of social responsibility in all processes starting from the processing of raw materials through to the distribution of finished products to clients.

The company has always recognized the importance of its employees and fostered a desirable organizational tradition in respect of fair and equal human rights. In addition, the company has successfully arranged the benefit of welfare, safety and sanitation in the workplace while encouraging knowledge-sharing program at all work levels aiming for greater development and professionalism among employees. Meanwhile, the company has strategically specified the rules and regulations of employee treatment corresponding to other requirements, such as labour laws, to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and appropriately.

The company has retained its clear focus on developing quality products and services in accordance with or beyond customer expectation under the fairly agreed terms and conditions, providing accurate, credible and unexaggerated information of products and services while always promising not to disclose any confidential client information to any third party or use such information for personal benefit unfairly and unlawfully.

The company has remained firm in eliminating any environmental impact caused by its business operations. The company has also developed effective management of natural resources aiming for the highest benefit and the lowest waste returning to the environment. In the production process, the company always relies on the use of efficient and powerful machines that ensures no severe impact on the environment, while applying strict rules to control the operations, as part of the goal to generate the highest safety for lives and property involved in the business.

The company is committed to promoting the distribution of income to the agricultural sector aiming to upgrade the quality of life of palm oil growers as well as build economic integrity for all communities in the country.